Eyelid cleansing wipe

Eyelid cleansing wipe

Eyelid cleansing wipes are soft, disposable single-use gauzes for daily periocular hygiene. They are recommended for the daily hygiene and care of the periocular area for adults and children.

  • Contains Euphrasia and Cornflower
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Ophthalmologically tested
  • Also recommended for contact lens wearers

Customize your eyelid cleansing wipes: they are also available under Private Label.

Contact us for your eyelid cleansing wipe in the hygienic and practical single pouch product.


Properties and indications

Eyelid cleansing wipes are indicated for daily hygiene and care of the delicate skin of the eyelids, eyelashes, and periocular area for adults and children.

Eyelid cleansing wipes are also recommended in case of irritations due to outside factors (sun, wind, dry air, air-conditioning, dust and pollen), dry or bloodshot eyes due to prolonged eyestrains, tiredness due to video screens, make-up and sleepless nights.
Eyelid cleansing wipes are recommended for maintaining hygiene of the eyelids before and after ophthalmological treatment.

Our Eyelid cleansing wipes are ophthalmologically tested and also recommended for contact lens wearers.

All components of Eyelid cleansing wipes are useful for obtaining an excellent cleansing, refreshing and emollient action, while fully respecting the periocular area that is particularly delicate and sensitive.

Thanks to the extract of Euphrasia, a medicinal plant also known as the Eyebright used since the 16th century thanks to its properties, Eyelid cleansing wipes have a decongesting, refreshing, softening, and hydrating action, bringing freshness and shine to the eyes.

Cornflower Water (centaurea cyanus) helps to smoothen the skin and detoxifies the epidermis (outer skin layer) of harmful substances in the air.

The product fully respects the balance of the skin's hydrolipidic film.
Due to their hydrating and refreshing properties, our Eyelid cleansing wipes are recommended for all types of skin. Thanks to its lenitive and humectant action they are suitable even for very sensitive and delicate skin.

Eyelid cleansing wipes restore the well-being of tired, weary eyes, alleviating the burning sensation. Our Eyelid cleansing wipes tone the skin around the eyes, reducing the signs of stress and fatigue.

The delicate formulation is able to provide thorough cleansing without irritating the eyes and skin.


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